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Sheinina Lolita Raj


Community Teaching Artist

Public Speaker

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Sheinina Lolita Raj is a critically acclaimed and award winning Interdisciplinary Artist, and creator of INTERCULTURAL, an immersive vision and sound art experience, that features a quadraphonic collaboration by Grammy Award winning Musician Nelly Furtado.

As the Producer of the INTERCULTURAL world tour, Sheinina garnered accolades that include, The Most Innovative Artist Award, World Art Dubai, the Tokyo International Foto Gold Award, and the City of Miami Beach Intercultural Day Proclamation.

As a Humanitarian Artist and Public Speaker, Sheinina has served diplomacy missions on behalf of the British Council Going Global, the Republic of Fiji National Gallery and Global Affairs Canada embassies in, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Miami and Los Angles.


Sheinina is a globally certified Community Teaching Artist whose pedagogy is inspired by INTERCULTURAL. For the conceptual, contemporary fine art photography exhibition, Sheinina has portrayed Woman from twenty-five nations, as she honored ancestral heritage, to unite humanity, with respect to the past, present, and future.

Sheinina Authored the INTERCULTURAL Worldwide. Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Professional Development Curriculum Guidebook to ensure INTERCULTURAL would be accessible in a new and tangible way that supports her humanitarian mission.

“Every aspect of artist Sheinina Raj’s photography based practice is undertaken in a singular spirit of progressive humanism. Knowing the power of the pure expressive gesture, Raj uses herself, both her story, and her body, as both the intuitive site, and narrative touchstone for what is ultimately a deeply personal, and generously universal message of peace, acceptance, and beauty."


Shana Nys Dambrot

Huffington Post


Professional Development 

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

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